When I was nine, my dad died. After his death,  I was exposed to all of his lies. All of the things he had done wrong in his life. He had lied, stolen things, and lost a lot of jobs. So, to be completely honest when I found out about all of what he had done, I was really angry. I wanted to go punch something.For the next several years, I got increasingly more angry and depressed. I couldn't find it in myself to forgive him. And honestly I didn't truly forgive him until about a year ago. I was constantly carrying that on my shoulders. About 8 months after we lost my dad, my mom married my step dad and we moved into a new house and I gained three new siblings. We kept going to church as a family for a while but eventually it was just me and my sister. Around this time I got some tests done and was put on medicine for ADD and depression. This was honestly one of the worst points in my life. I wasn't happy at all but I felt the need to hide that. I felt like I couldn't tell anyone what was really going on. For the most part I just really wanted to be gone. When I got into high school, things got a lot better. I started to straighten my life out. I found out how to forgive people for all of the things that were making me depressed. I let go of a lot of bitterness and hate. Now, as I transition into college I hope I can take my story and what I have been through to help others.

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