My name Is Katelynn Elizabeth Norris. I am one of 6 (soon to be 7) children. Growing up I have had the ideal family home. I have two parents that love each other so much and that love is carried over to all of us kids. I grew up in Sand Springs, Oklahoma but in April 2009 my parents moved our family to Owasso, Oklahoma. I would say that is where my story begins. For me Sand Springs was comfortable, all I had ever known. All of my friends were there and I had grown up with them from Kindergarten all the way to 7th grade. We started attending church at Owasso First Assembly. Since I was 13, I didn't have a say in it so I just did what I was told but I didn't have the greatest attitude about it. I actually made friends the summer between 7th and 8th grade and I became fairly involved in the drama group. However, at that time, it was more of a formality. When I started school in August I would still acknowledge them in the hallways but unless it was Sunday or Wednesday I didn't see them outside of church. As the school year went on, I began to make friends at school. I was in the "popular crowd" which wasn't something I had experienced in Sand Springs. 

At that time in my life, I can't say what was really going through my head. I do know that I was broken and that I wanted something to mend the brokenness. However, I didn't run to God. Instead, I made some friends that weren't exactly the best. At first, they weren't so bad as they came to church with me. Every week we would sit in the back row and not get anything out of services and that would be it. A friendship began to develop between one of the guys and I and we eventually started dating. Throughout the next year and a half, I fell further away from anything church related. I avoided the "church people" in the hallways at school but every Wednesday I put on a mask that showed people that I loved Jesus and lived for Him. However, when 8:30pm came around and I got to leave, I took off the mask once again and lived the life I wanted. Although, part of me was always fascinated by church and the people in it. I just wasn't close enough to understand it. 

Then I hit a place in my life that most would consider "rock bottom". I was at an all time low and it felt like there was no way of recovering. I felt like I wasn't good enough for God. However, my family group leader approached me one day and straight up said "You're living a double life and I see right through the facade." For some reason, even though I didn't want to be involved in the church, my family group leader/mentor's advice and opinion meant the world to me. That day was the turning point. That night, I texted the guy I was dating and broke up with him. I also explained to the friends I was hanging out with that I needed to make some changes and as a result, I wouldn't be able to talk or hangout with them again. It was honestly the hardest thing I have had to do to this day. I missed them but I knew that I needed God more than I needed a boy or any friend. I felt alone for a long time but then as I began to grow in God, I began to let other friendships take place. 

Today, I am still far from perfect and I always will be, but God is using me in ways that I still find crazy. I am a worship leader at Xtreme Youth as well as being really involved with XMproductions. I am currently in college at Tulsa Community College and I will graduate there in December 2015. From there, I will be moving to Sydney, Australia to attend Hillsong College and study Worship Ministry. My dream is to be able to use music to reach people, to make a difference. I know God has created me for big things and it is exciting to see where He is leading me.